Nokia website countdown to reveal the N8 launch?

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There are some interesting goings-on over at Nokia's Everyone Connect page. Fire up the URL and you'll be presented with a countdown timer which ends at 9am GMT tomorrow. Could Nokia be about to officially unveil the N8? The flagship…

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Mobile apps to be bigger than CDs by 2012

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Could mobile phone apps be set to outsell CDs? That's the prediction GetJar are making, believing that applications will generate $17.5 billion worth of revenues in 2012, compared to CD's $13.83 billion as predicted by the IFPI. The prediction comes…

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UPDATE: O2's iPhone video chat was posted in "error"

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O2 had the rumour mill grinding yesterday when their updated iPhone tariffs seemed to suggest that the iPhone 4G would support free video calling. However, a statement from an O2 representative has been issued, confirming that the listing was an…

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iPhone 4G looks set to feature video chat

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O2 have today updated their iPhone tariffs. That in itself wouldn't be too exciting, were it not for the fact the new deals include pricing details for video calling. With the current generation of iPhones unable to make video calls,…

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Japanese Internet firms join forces to kill net connections of illegal file sharers

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While the British Government’s plans to tackle illegal file sharing remain at the Green Paper stage, Japanese telecoms companies have jointly implemented a scheme to cut off the Internet supply from known offenders.

According to the Daily Yomiuri Online (one of my daily reads, don’t you know), Internet users who repeatedly use popular file sharing sites such as Winny to download music and video will be sent warning emails which, if unheeded, will result in a loss of Internet connection…

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