UK budget hits games industry hard, includes VAT rise

Gerald Lynch Features, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

The coalition Government have announced the details of their "Emergency" budget, and it makes for grim news for anyone in the UK games industry. The planned tax relief for games companies has been scrapped by chancellor George Osbourne, which…

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UK super-fast broadband tax scrapped at the last minute

Gerald Lynch Broadband, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

The controversial £6 per year super-fast broadband tax has been dropped as the government races to push through key legislation before Parliament is dissolved next week. The tax on all households with a land-line was to raise £170 million a…

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UK Government to tax every British broadband connection £20 for copyright enforcement

Duncan Geere Broadband, Intellectual Property 1 Comment


A £20 charge could be levied on every broadband connection in Britain, to pay for an agency that will provide data about serial copyright-breakers to music and film companies, if plans due to be announced today by the Government in its ‘Digital Britain’ green paper come to fruition.

Today, Lord Carter of Barnes will propose the creation of a quango which will be paid for by a levy on ISPs, who’ll almost certainly pass the cost on to their subscribers. Also in the white paper is a proposition that every house has a right to 2Mb/s broadband.

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Google planning offshore, tax-evading, auto-powering, floating data warehouses

Gary Cutlack Internet, Science, Web 2.0, Websites, Weirdness Leave a Comment


Google is planning to launch a fleet of ships to house its search operations. These ships will power themselves by harnessing wave energy. The “water-based data centres” will cool themselves using the sea.

This staggering and frankly unbelievable lurch into piracy was revealed by The Times, which says Google will also benefit by avoiding paying tax on its data warehousing spaces by housing some of its facilities in international waters…

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EU camera tax to hit top-spec models

Gary Cutlack Uncategorized Leave a Comment

camera-tax.jpgGet ready to pay the cheese-eating pen-pushers in Brussels an extra 4.9% for the privilege of owning a decent camera soon, thanks to the EU giving the go-ahead for a new tax on digital cameras that are also capable of recording top-quality video.

The video recorder tax already exists – its charged on recording gadgets already…

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