VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Tab official tablet teaser revealed

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Samsung have released the first official footage of their highly-anticipated tablet, now confirmed as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can view it by clicking here if you have any problems with the embedded video above. While the short teaser…

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Sony give mix-tape lovers a retro lifeline with the CFD-A110 boom box

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The floppy-disc may have gone the way of the Dodo, but there is one ageing technology that may yet prove to be as resilient as a cockroach; the cassette tape. Maybe it's the sentimentality that we attach to our favourite…

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Cassette Cupboard – use up all those old "NOW!" tapes

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If you invested heavily in the cassette format in the 80s and 90s, then you’re probably kicking yourself now that half of your music collection is no longer playable due to the ravages of time and magnetic degradation. That and the fact you left them in the sun during the summer of 1998 and now they stick together a bit…

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Lamp made from cassette tapes manages to look awesome and help environment

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Here’s what I call a lamp! Throw out the IKEA free-standers, and buy yourself one of these limited edition cassette tape lamps from Transparent House.

Each lamp is hand-made using 140 actual tapes, which cast surprisingly pretty shadows onto the surrounding walls. Before you ask whether the bulb might melt the plastic tapes, don’t fret, as the designer…

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Relive the '80s with a cassette tape coin purse from Design Boom

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Cassette tapes, what are they? I can barely remember what they look like – who has used them in the last five years? I think the last time I ever played a cassette was when I was 16 and a boy made me a mix-tape. Suffice to say, I ended it soon after, like I’d put up with a technologically-repressed man.

These cassette tape coin purses on the other hand are a sweet little throw-back to the days when buying the latest pop single…

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