Top 20 tablet PCs: The Apple iPad and its many, many rivals

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The annual IFA technology conference is set to kick off once again in Berlin next week, and amongst the 3D TVs, laptops, cameras and other gadget gear is set to be a ton of tablet devices too. So far it's…

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Steve Ballmer: Microsoft are "hardcore" about Windows 7 tablets

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Just because the Courier and the "Slate" have died the death, don't think for one second that Microsoft have given up hope on the idea of Windows 7 tablets becoming the next big thing. Speaking at the Worldwide Partner Conference…

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HP give up on Windows 7 tablet project

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Hewlett-Packard are thought to have terminated work on the Windows 7 tablet project, just months after it was unveiled by Microsoft with great fanfare at CES 2010. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had spoke highly of the promise of the…

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