Dell Flash, Thunder and Smoke Android handsets leak too!

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Quite the day for Dell leaks; first the Lightning handset, then the Looking Glass tablet PC and now three smartphones. The Dell Thunder, Smoke and Flash handsets have now also leaked. It's all starting to sound a bit like a…

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ICD's Gemini tablet unveiled, has an iPad-killing spec sheet to die for

Gerald Lynch Tablet, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

Reading this on your recently acquired iPad? Well you might want to hit the back button pretty soon for fear of a heart attack, as ICD have just unveiled their Gemini tablet PC, with enough bells and whistles to make…

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Samsung tablet to rival the iPad, Slate and Courier on the way

Gerald Lynch Tablet, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

Waiting for the seemingly never-ending stream of tablet devices headed to stores this year to stop? Well, don't hold your breath just yet; here's another one on the way from Samsung, which they hope will prove more successful than their…

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Archos 7 and 8 Home tablets on the way

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Archos have just announced the release of two new bits of tablet kit. The Archos 7 and 8 Home tablets will be available in April and May respectively, and will be priced somewhere around the wallet-friendly price of £135. However,…

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HP's new TouchSmart tx2 notebook PC twists into a tablet

Andy Merrett Laptops / Notebooks Leave a Comment


HP has introduced its latest notebook, the TouchSmart tx2. As the name suggests, it has touchscreen technology built in, allowing users to interact with various software using finger or stylus rather than the keyboard.

Featuring capacitive touch, the display can distinguish between one or more finger presses, and can disregard accidental touches, making for more accurate and versatile input…

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Sure, it's an Eee 900 clone, but the Gigabyte M912 turns into a tablet PC with a twist

Katherine Hannaford Computers, Laptops / Notebooks Leave a Comment


The Computex show rolls on, bringing many PC-shaped delights to those lucky enough to attend the Taipei expo. Gigabyte just previewed its M912 laptop-cum-tablet PC which will now be added to the mental list of ‘Eee PC bandwagon jumpers’.

An 8.9-inch screen puts it in direct competition with the Eee 900 and countless others, yet it’s got something clever up its USB port – a rotating 180 degree function which turns it into a tablet.

Internally, Gigabyte has packed in a 2.5-inch S-ATA hard disk with storage capacity of up to 250GB, and up to 4GB SSD if you choose. A 1.3-megapixel webcam and Windows or Linux OS finish…

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