Shiny Video Reivew: iMu Vibrating Speaker

Duncan Geere Gadgets, Video Reviews 5 Comments

Yes, it looks like a stunted dildo. But this isn’t a dildo. It’s the previously reported-upon iMu “Singing Table” that’ll turn any surface you place it on into a speaker. Awesome, right? Shame it costs £50.

I know! £50! I couldn’t believe it either. Seriously, what are you going to use this thing for? Especially as it plugs in to mains power. If you can think of a situation where this would be a lifesaver, and a cheap pair of travel speakers wouldn’t, then let us know in the comments.

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iPhone coffee table, complete with app coasters

Duncan Geere Furnishings & Furniture 1 Comment


This is the rather beautiful iPhone coffee table. Three facts that might surprise you – firstly, it’s made entirely out of cardboard. No poncy wood here. Secondly, you can swap the Apps around, and when you pull one out of its space, it acts nicely as a coaster. Last of all, there’s unfortunately no tutorial to build your own. That’s a shame. It’d fit in brilliantly on Thingiverse.

iLounge (via Bornrich)

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Take a gamble on the 'Heads-Up Challenge' Poker table

Ryan Weir Gaming, Pub Guru, Toys 4 Comments

Alright lads, listen up, yeah? Next time you're dahn the boozer, check aht the poker machine what's ready to swallah all ya nuggets, yeah.. Cos, it's diamond, innit.

Right. Enough of talking like I'm in a film by Guy Ritchie. It hurts my head. What i'm trying to say is: If you happen to find yourself having a drink in your local public house, then you should probably look out for the new machine by CosmicVideo Games – the Heads-Up Challenge Poker table. That is, of course, if you like that sort of thing.

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Microsoft wants to sell YOU a Surface table this year. Any takers?

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surfacephoto-4.jpgHey kids! Remember that Microsoft Surface gizmo? Uh-huh! The touchy-table. Some exciting news has been leaked via mouthy Steve Ballmer, about the availability of the $10,000 product.

2008 appears to be a lot sooner than what was originally announced, however Ballmer claims that Microsoft is hoping…

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Perfect for bars, Kloss' DeLighTable is yet another touch-sensitive table

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DeLigh-table.jpgIn years to come, people will look back at 2007 as the year Everything Went Touch. Everyone’s so overly concerned with tactile products, that every company and their pet dog wants a slice of the multi-billion dollar industry.

What once started as an art project, the DeLighTable from Kloss has become available recently after a few years in development. Similar to Microsoft’s Surface or the reacTable Bjork is fond of, the fully touch-sensitive coffee…

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How Björk hijacked the reacTable Microsoft Surface-esque musical table

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When I saw Björk at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, it wasn’t so much her ice-demon-sprite music which enthralled me so much – although she was one of my highlights that mudsoaked weekend – it was actually one of her bandmates using what I thought at the time was a Microsoft Surface table.

Damian Taylor, the Grammy-nominated producer who worked on her latest album, Volta, was actually playing the reacTable, “a state-of-the-art multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface”, which we first wrote about last November. Wired have a great article up at the moment about the reacTable, interviewing Taylor about his experiences working on Volta and using the device…

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Microsoft's Surface: what it does, who it's for, and why we should lust after one

Katherine Hannaford Columns & Opinion, Computers, Top stories, Wireless home 1 Comment

When several of us Tech Digest writers were present at Bill Gates’s keynotes speech at CES in Las Vegas and saw a brief display of what we now know is Surface, which Dave announced earlier this morning, none of us realised it would be released this year. Heck, we thought we were looking at the sort of space-age technology that comes hand-in-hand with flying cars and bite-sized pills for every meal.

Instead, Surface will be released into the wild (well, commercial wild, anyway) this Winter, where T-Mobile, Starwood Hotels, Harrah’s casinos and gambling-company IGN will have first access to this exciting new way of computing…

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