Biggest data breach ever at Heartland Payment Systems – 100 million transactions at risk

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Although we’ve seen some whoppers in the UK, you can always count on the Yanks to do things bigger and better. One payment processing company, the brilliantly-named “Heartland Payment Systems” processes transactions for a quarter of a million businesses in the USA and has found some monitoring software on its servers, sending data to an external machine.

“We found evidence of an intrusion last week and immediately notified federal law enforcement officials as well as the card brands. We understand that this incident may be the result of a widespread global cyber fraud operation, and we are cooperating closely with the United States Secret Service and Department of Justice.” said Heartland president Robert Baldwin

In the USA, unlike the UK, companies have to disclose when data breaches occur. It’ll be interesting to see if Europe implements a similar law, but the UK government is opposed to such a move.


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KEF launches Instant Theatre series with seven new high-end systems

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kef-520-silver.jpgThe audio maestros over at KEF have been busy little workers by the looks of things, with today’s news that their new Instant Theatre series is comprised of seven new home systems.

The KEF Instant Theatre series (KIT) set-ups each come with either two or five main loudspeakers, a subwoofer (with integrated power amplifier) and compact DVD/CD player, with that crazy little thing called love HDMI technology inside.

Each system is available in glossy black or matt silver, and feature just a single cable between components, so won’t be spoiling your minimalist living room aesthetics anytime soon….

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Shiny Video Preview: Navman S series satellite navigation systems

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Last night, Navman debuted their entirely new sat nav system. They’ve made so many improvements it was like Kim’s game just trying to remember all the new features on video. Susi has a bloody good go though, click below. And if you want all the details, check out this post here

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