40% of Europeans don't use the internet at all

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Good god, what do they do instead?

The gap between the likes of us (in the UK, online for 16 hours a day, every day, to the detriment of our health and sanity) and them (in Bulgaria, haven’t even got the internet) is vast, so vast that a whopping 40% of people in the EU simply don’t use the internet at all…

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Bedroom TV leads to children being stupider and less healthy

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It’s the least surprising survey of the week!

A poll of American teens found that those who watched TV in their bedrooms ended up with lower grade results, plus, for some odd reason that makes no sense, they also ended up eating less fruit and vegetables when they eventually emerged for dinner.

Girls with TVs got less exercise and also drank more fizzy drinks…

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Survey: HD DVD is dead, but did anyone tell the online retailers?

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With the HD DVD Promotional Group dissolving, Toshiba abandoning ship, and precious few studios releasing anything on the format any more, you’d have to be totally uninformed and just a little bit stupid to buy an HD DVD player thinking that it was the future.

Enter two fairly benign entities — online retailers and the Great British consumer — which when mixed can be deadly (or at least, good for making expensive mistakes)

Still, surely we can rely on our helpful, informative, reliable, up-to-date online retailers to ensure that visitors to their web site don’t make a stupid purchase they’ll regret as soon as it leaves its cardboard and polystyrene womb?

You’d think…

Here’s a roundup of some key (and not so key) Internet stores, and their current attitude towards HD DVD…

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Brits barely trust their personal data to anyone, survey suggests

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British consumers, faced with so many stories of companies and organisations losing data, and with the ongoing threat of identity theft, really don’t have much faith left in the security of their personal information.

A recent survey by the GB Group found that even the most trusted organisations — banks and building societies — were only trusted by 52% of the respondents…

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Survey suggests Europeans can't control home entertainment equipment, points to universal remote control

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Europeans own a lot of expensive home entertainment equipment but don’t know how to use it properly, according to a recent survey conducted by Logitech.

In nearly a quarter of European households, only one person fully knows how to control these gizmos, leading to the production of home-made “cheat sheets” to tell other members how to operate them.

Of those surveyed, nearly half said they had five or more remote control units, with nearly nine in ten people having three or more. Think how long it must take to find that lot down the back of the sofa.

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We Brits are a bunch of pirates… illegal downloaders, that is

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dvd.jpgWith the Government planning to get tough on people who illegally download content from the Internet, a lot of Brits could be in trouble according to a recent survey by MoneySupermarket.com.

Nearly one in five have admitted to downloading illegally from the Internet, while nearly half say they’ve bought illegal discs, and two in ten have offered someone else a pirate disc.

12% of those surveyed were confused as to what exactly constitutes piracy.

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British space exploration lives on! MoonLITE probe heading Moon-wards in 2012

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moonlite-moon-probe-british.jpgOnly about 35 years after the last American stood on the Moon, Britain is going back – with a decidedly non-thrilling unmanned probe.

Designed by mainly British scientists – with complicated navigational bits provided by NASA – the £100m MoonLITE probe will hopefully be on its way by 2012…

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Microsoft's innocence: teens won't download illegally if they know the law

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home_taping_is_killing_music_logo.gifHats off to Microsoft for believing in teenagers. They’re not a bad bunch after all, are they?

Far be it from me to tarnish “all teenagers” with the same stereotypes, but I still had to laugh a little at the results of Microsoft’s latest survey, which suggests that teens wouldn’t download stuff illegally off the Net if they really knew what the laws were.

Nearly half of the seventh-to-tenth graders said that they weren’t familiar with the rules and guidelines for downloading images, literature, music, movies and software from the Internet.

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Brits still like music CDs despite rise in Internet downloads

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cd_rack.jpgWe’re still an nation who likes our CD collections, according to recent figures from the British Phonographic Industry.

Despite the rise in popularity of music downloading (both legal and not), nearly half of the people recently surveyed by PlusNet said that they thought it would be at least ten years until the CD becomes obsolete, with one n ten saying that the format would never die.

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