SHOCK: We get "stressed" when not near an internet connection

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Worried that someone’s relationship status has just changed on Facebook and you’re in the middle of nowhere and won’t find out until 6.35pm at best? Concerned that someone’s just Twittered about an update to their Flickr page which contains a photo of you taken at 2.25am last Saturday, but you’re eight miles from the nearest wi-fi point?

You are not alone. 27% of Britons apparently suffer from “stress” when not able to go online. This leads to a feeling of uselessness…

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Sony and Tosh top notebook PC reliability chart, third of Americans want Apple

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A recent consumer survey by Which? magazine suggests that Sony and Toshiba top the pile when it comes to laptop reliability, both scoring 93%.

Perhaps surprisingly given how they’re used, and the belief that laptop computers don’t last as long, portable PCs scored better than their desktop relatives.

Apple tied with Dell and Compaq at the top of the chart for desktop computer reliability, with 86%.

Of course these results are based on consumer experience rather than scientific measurement, so it doesn’t mean those brands at the top of the pile are necessarily the best…

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Survey reveals that you work way too hard

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A survey by phone network 3 has revealed some nasty statistics about quite how much you lot work. Turns out that 31% of you feel you have to be contactable by work whenever and wherever you are, 23% of you have answered calls or sent emails whilst down the pub, 25% have worked on public transport and 13% of you have sent emails and made work calls from the doctor’s surgery (in the waiting room, I presume)…

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PARENT ALERT: almost none of your kids are looking at web pr0n

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A new survey by The Carphone Warehouse has found that children as old as 18 are avoiding pornographic websites and even less are having sexually explicit conversations. The study, conducted in part Dr Tanya Byron, the very embodiment of Psychology 2.0, also found that children even lie about what they are doing and that parents have ALMOST NO IDEA AT ALL.

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Nokia: just three percent of people recycle their old mobile phone

Andy Merrett Mobile phones 6 Comments


Despite the fact that nearly three-quarters of people said that recycling makes a positive difference to the environment, almost the same number don’t think about recycling their old mobile phones, with just three percent doing so.

Mobile phone junk is an increasing problem as many people strive for the latest handsets, and as phone companies encourage their users to upgrade handset every year. Nokia’s global study of 6,500 people in 13 countries (Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA, Nigeria, India, China, Indonesia and Brazil) found that nearly half didn’t know it was possible to recycle their old mobile phone…

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"Unsafe surfing" leads to 70 spam emails a day. After just a month

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Security firm McAfee, which has a vested interest in spreading panic and fear among internet users but we’ll pretend not to notice, has been experimenting with internet spam.

McAfee sent 50 people from across the world out on the internet while “unprotected” and found they were soon spammed to death within a month. The terms of the experiment were not revealed, so we’re unsure…

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91% of Japanese consumers won't buy iPhone because of fixed battery, claims media survey

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According to Tech-On, over nine in ten Japanese consumers won’t buy the iPhone 3G when it launches, primarily because it does not have a removable battery. At least, that’s the conclusion drawn by Daimaou, writing at Akihabara News, who is incensed at the survey.

The survey of 402 people asked questions including “Do you prefer replaceable batteries?”, for which three-quarters of respondents said they did, and then seemingly drew the conclusion that most consumers wouldn’t buy the iPhone 3G…

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No phones on planes please, we're British, survey finds

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A couple of recent surveys suggest that Brits are dead set against allowing mobile phone calls on flights.

Yahoo!’s survey suggested 87% would like voice calls to stay banned on flights, though nearly half thought some kind of email / Internet access would be useful, and presumably less intrusive than being stuck in a big tin can with a load of incessant chatterboxes…

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Twenty most useless gadgets revealed in online survey

Andy Merrett Gadgets 2 Comments


Brits by a lot of crap gadgets, it seems, if the results of a recent survey by the independent review site Reevoo is anything to go by.

The worst product of all time is the electric nail file — something I’ve never had cause to use — which is supposed to offer professional results but seemingly doesn’t.

Laser-guided scissors are rubbish because the laser is attached to the scissors (I suppose it would be) so is no good for those with shaky hands.

When is a candle not a candle? When it’s a pathetic electric candle, apparently, which came in at third place. Honestly, who doesn’t love real candles and the genuine risk of burning your house down?…

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