Microsoft rumoured to be stopping Surface production – though it is probably DigiTimes talking rubbish again

James O'Malley Microsoft, Skeptech, Tablet Leave a Comment

Another day, another completely spurious rumour from Taiwan's DigiTimes. The website is reporting that Microsoft is about to kill off its Surface line of tablets. There are mountains of salt not large enough for our scepticism on this claim. Such a move could conceivably make sense: The first two Surface generations bled money for the…

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Surface vs iPad: Microsoft claim Windows 8 tablet's screen offers more detail than Retina Display

Gerald Lynch Microsoft, Tablet, Tech Digest news, Windows 8 2 Comments

Microsoft's Stevie Bathiche, the "co-inventor" of the Surface RT Windows 8 tablet, has taken a Reddit Q and A session to defend the Surface tablet's low-resolution screen, claiming that it in fact offers more detail than the high-resolution Retina display…

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