Review: JBL Creature III 2.1 PC speakers

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You could accuse JBL of slacking of late, having spent the last two years releasing only fairly standard looking speaker set ups. But with the Creature III 2.1 speakers, it seems that period of relative inactivity was spent lovingly honing this rather special audio system.

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Velodyne's MicroVee subwoofer – careful you don't lose it!

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velodyne-box.jpgIt may look like a minimal foot pouffe from a suitably-wanky Shoreditch boutique specialising in Art Deco furniture, but believe it or not, that little black box is actually a subwoofer. As you probably would’ve garnered from, err, the title of this post.

The MicroVee subwoofer from Velodyne measures just 9″ x 9″ x 9.6″, but that doesn’t mean the sound…

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Shiny Media Review: Ferguson Hill FH007 Speakers and FH008 subwoofer

Katherine Hannaford Home audio, Video Reviews

Anyone remember my video interview last week with Tim Hill, the founder and designer behind Ferguson Hill, creator of those amazing transparent horn-shaped speakers? Well, I got my hands on a set of the speakers – the FH007 – and a subwoofer (the FH008), and tested them just for you. Check out the video…

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Brighton's cat-shaped speakers and subwoofer will make you purr

Katherine Hannaford Home audio

Perfect for that crazy cat-woman in your life, and let’s be honest here – we all know at least one! Infact, I bet there’s some residing amongst us now.

Brighton have done it again with this BI-SPCAT/WH 2.1 system which feature two cat-eared NXT flat panel speakers and a 35-watt subwoofer with built-in…

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