Insane Bandai 'Diorama' speaker

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File this one under ‘crazy’ and ‘Japanese’. It’s a pair of speakers, 2x1W, with a mounted diorama of a Tokyo street scene slapped on top of it. It’s so wonderfully tacky that I’m actually rather fond of it.

Want one? No? Okay. Well, if you know anyone who does, then tell them that it’s limited edition – just 2000 are being made – so get moving sharpish. It’ll cost them ¥198,000 (£1,640). That’s what’s known in the trade as ‘too much’.

Bandai (via Akihabaranews)

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VIDEO: Portuegese dog beats Napoleonic bust at Street Fighter, celebrates with a rendition of 'I'm the Scatman'

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I’m not sure I have words for this. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. After a few cups of eggnog, it makes perfect sense – I promise.

(via Kotaku)

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Look like a fool with StreetSurfer's five-wheeler bike

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A bike with five wheels? You better not be able to ride a bike, or be planning on some major jumps and tricks to have what looks like four little training wheels where the front wheel should be.

If you don’t mind getting laughed at, the StreetSurfer bike costs $960, and is apparently superior to a normal two-wheeler,…

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