Everything Everything to stream world's first iPad gig tonight

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UK indie band Everything Everything are tonight to become the world's first band to stream an entire concert to an iPad. The Manchester band are playing a sold-out show at London's Union Chapel, but iOS using fans who couldn't nab…

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Microsoft take on Steam with new Games for Windows marketplace

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Microsoft are launching a new browser based version of their Games for Windows Marketplace. Looking to directly take on Steam with Live integration, competitive score tracking, daily deals and Gamertag/Gamerscore compatibility with Xbox 360 accounts, it's Microsoft's most aggressive push…

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Over half of UK workforce plan to watch World Cup on office PCs

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A survey of 2,000 UK workers conducted by ISP Eclipse has suggested that as much as half the British workforce plan on sneakily streaming World Cup matches at work on their office PCs. 54 percent will tune into some…

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Google Buzz social network: Buzzing or boring?

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Google have entered the social networking fray with their new Buzz network. It's not the first time they've tried their hand at social networking (their Orkut network has a very respectable 100 million users), but by integrating it into…

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Sitecom WL-355 lets you wirelessly stream movies, music and photos straight to your telly

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If you're looking to throw some digital content around the house sans ugly wiring, then take a look at the Sitecom WL-355. A wireless media streaming hub, it's the latest addition to the company's Smart Living line and will set…

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Top 10 Tuesday Wednesday: Free, Legal, Music on the Internet

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I’m going to take a break from gadgets today, like Dan did yesterday for Technology Deathmatch, to tell you about some of my favourite sources of free, legal music on the internet. It’s entirely possible, contrary to what major record labels would have you believe, to live completely free of paying for recorded music.

Not all offer downloads that’ll work on your MP3 player – some just stream – and not all these sites are going to be around forever, due to the turbulent nature of the digital music market around now, but if you can live with both those caveats, then click over the jump for my top ten sites where you can get free, legal, music.

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Duncan Geere Flash Game of the Week 8 Comments


Last week’s cricketastic Flash Game Challenge was won by commenter Alan, who hit my score for six with a mighty 127 runs. A polite round of applause for him, please, ladies and gentlemen.

As for this week, well, today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so I wanted to pick something to warm your cold little hearts. How about helping some deer cross a forest stream, with rays of light cascading all around? On my first go, I scored a pathetic 9750. The second time, I scored a far more respectable 4991950. Can you beat it? Entries, as ever, in the comments.

The Crossing

Previous FGChallenges: Topspinner | Achievement Unlocked

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BBC's iPlayer upgraded to H.264 codec – download speed and picture quality boosted

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The BBC has been blowing your license fee on further developing its iPlayer service, announcing today that it’s starting to use the open source H.264 codec for its streaming telly service.

This has allowed the Beeb to boost the encoding bitrate of streamed shows from 500kbps to 800kbps, so it should all look a little sharper and cleaner when you catch up with such classics…

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