Roll-up cooking mat design could prove useful in small flats

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He’s a clever chap, Designer Maurizio Maiorana. He’s put together a concept design for a cooking mat that can be folded up and used on any surface without burning it. It’s all thanks to the remarkable thermal properties of silver.

There’s three hotplates on the device, and they’re surrounded by holes that blow out hot air, keeping the bottom cool while keeping a pan hot. As it connects with just a normal plug, this could also be useful for campers, or people in caravans.

It can handle temperatures of -60 to 280 degrees Celsius, and should be pretty easy to clean, too, thanks to the liquid silicone rubber that the whole thing’s made of. I want one.

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VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 3

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This week, I take a look at fires in the house. Not as dangerous as you may initially think, plus burning wood is a superb environmentally sound and low-cost solution to home heating.

It’s also great fun if you draw effigies of your enemies on the logs, then watch them BURN.

CONCLUSION: Everyone should buy fires for the home. Watching wood effigies…

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