Steve Ballmer quits Microsoft board

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Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has resigned as a member of the company’s board, ending more than three decades of involvement in the world’s biggest software maker. Ballmer, 58, is still Microsoft’s top individual shareholder. He had initially remained as a director after handing the top job over to one of his deputies, Satya…

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Microsoft's Ballmer calls Apple "controlling", Android "wild"

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Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer has laid into his competition in the mobile space, calling Apple's iPhone and iPad ecosystem "highly priced" and "highly controlled", while he considers Android to be "wild" and "uncontrolled". Speaking to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, a…

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The 10 Richest People In Tech – Zuckerberg, Gates, Dell and more!

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As if the fact was ever in any doubt, there's plenty of green to be made in technology, as proved by the stratospheric heights hit by the Facebook IPO, seeing the company valued at $104 billion. From bedroom start-up to…

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Microsoft boast of 400 million Windows 7 sales, not so good WP7 numbers

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Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference kicks off in Los Angeles today, and keynote-leading CEO Steve Ballmer was both his usual bullish self but also surprisngly frank when it came to discussing his firm's smartphone performance. The success of Windows…

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Next-gen WP7 phones let users "do things they had never imagined" says Ballmer

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Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer has been speaking at the 2011 Imagine Cup finals, talking up the "second generation" of his companies Windows Phone 7 handsets. While Windows Phone 7 was a bold move forwards from the Windows Mobile…

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