Game preview: Life Is Strange

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Meet Maxine Caulfield. She's 18, a bit shy, awkward and geeky, has just moved back home to the small town of Arcadia Bay in Oregon after five years in Seattle, and is studying photography at the Blackwell Academy - a high school that is well regarded for its strength in the arts. Oh, and she…

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REVIEW: Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

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After languishing for a few years in development hell, Sleeping Dogs is finally here. And, somewhat surprisingly, it's landed in fighting-fit shape. Read on to find out how it compares to the many great games it shares the open-world genre with.

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App Store Round-Up: Iron Man 2, Linkin Park and more!

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Linkin Park are "Crawling" (sorry) onto Apple's App Store this week, alongside an Iron Man 2 game, an official FA application to track the England World Cup football squad and Square Enix's latest handheld RPG, Chaos Rings. Check the gallery…

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