Spotify hits 15m subscribers

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Music streaming service Spotify has announced that it has hit 15 million paying subscribers, after being on only ten million less than a year ago. The company also adds that over all it has 60 million users - which means that not only is growth fairly explosive, but also that it isn't doing too badly…

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Can the film industry learn from the music industry to stop piracy?

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Over the weekend we heard the news that Sony Pictures has been hacked by a group known as "GOP" (who aren't the same people as the US Republican "Grand Old Party", presumably). GOP claims to have stolen many of Sony's "secrets", including copies of films that haven't been released, or at least released outside of…

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Spotify to give you uninterrupted streaming in exchange for watching adverts

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Spotify is introducing video adverts for non-premium subscribers, and will reward you for watching them all the way through. According to WP Central, Spotify video ads comes in two forms: First there's straight up videos, which will play back on the Spotify desktop client. These will be clever enough to stop playing back if you're…

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Spotify now free on Windows Phone

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Music streaming service Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone app, after unveiling an ad-supported and shuffle-mode which came to iOS and Android earlier this year. Previously, Windows Phone users were only able to stream via the Spotify app with a premium subscription, which includes ad-free mobile and offline listening. Now, Windows Phone streams…

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Is Google trying to buy Spotify? Here’s why a deal would be great for both companies.

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Interesting rumours are doing the rounds suggesting that Google might be attempting to acquire music streaming service Spotify. Such a deal could massively upset the music and tech industries. TechRadar reports that Google was on the cusp of making the deal, before deciding that the $4-5bn price was simply too high. To put that into…

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