Spinvox teams up with Skype

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Spinvox, the voice-to-text service, has been quietly gaining plaudits for a number of years, and they’ve just announced a deal with VoIP service Skype whereby you can get your voicemails as texts.

You’ll be charged 17p per message, plus any SMS charge you’ve got, but depending on how much you’re charged to listen to voicemails and how annoying you find listening to them, you might think it’s worth it.

Skype Voicemail to Text (via ShinyShiny)

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Spin-my-Blog now available to UK and US LiveJournal users

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livejournal_spin_my_blog.gifSpin-my-Blog, which launched in February, has now done a deal with Six Apart to make the service available to all 12 million LiveJournal users.

Simply by making a phone call and speaking their blog entry, users of the popular blogging platform can blog while on the move, or anywhere they don’t have access to a computer. It’s also more convenient than texting blog entries, unless you’re into micro-blogging of course.

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SpinVox launches Voice-to-Screen messaging for BlackBerry

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blackberryphone.jpgSpinVox has announced that its Voice-to-Screen messaging service is to be available on BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry users will now be able to receive their voicemail messages as email direct to their phone. They’ll be able to see who called and what the message was, and be given the option to send a quick reply.

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