Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity is back online – hurrah!

James O'Malley Space, Web 2.0, Websites 1 Comment

Good news for fans of awe-inspiring music videos. Commander Hadfield's Bowie cover is BACK! Remember Canadian Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, who wowed us all last year with his music video shot aboard the International Space Station? The cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity was pulled from YouTube after a year because of an agreement over…

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Sci-fi Grand Theft Auto game "very tempting" says RockStar boss

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What's better than a free-roaming crime sim? How about a free-roaming crime sim in space? That's one potential idea that's been floating around the HQ of Grand Theft Auto designers RockStar, a new interview with key team members at the…

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More Gs than Clarkson: My ride inside the human centrifuge

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I'm sitting somewhere in the middle of a former RAF base in Farnborough, strapped into a tiny recreated jet fighter cockpit, on the end of a huge mechanical contraption that wouldn't look out of place in an Alien film, a…

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