The Digest: Serial breaks iTunes record… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Murder mystery podcast Serial breaks download records | The Telegraph "A podcast about a real-life murder presented in a format that its creator says is 'as old as Dickens' has become the fastest ever to pass five million downloads. The podcast, which issues weekly 40-minute episodes, is a spin-off from broadcasting sensation This…

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The Digest: South Park skewers freemium games… and 5 other things people are talking about today

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South Park skewers 'freemium' games | Engadget "If your business model is conning kids into spending their parents' hard-earned app-store cash on in-app purchased 'rewards', it's fair to say you deserve to be ripped. South Park did the honors with its Freemium Isn't Free episode involving a Terrence and Philip-branded Candy Crush-style game…

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3 gets new mobile TV on demand content thanks to Mobix Interactive deal

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UK mobile provider 3 has announced that it will be able to offer a variety of new “on demand” mobile TV programmes including South Park, The Hills and Pimp My Ride UK.

Subscribers who want access to the new content, which bolts on to the existing “3 on Demand” service, can pay between £1.29 and £1.99 for a week’s access to an episode. Features include the ability to pause and resume shows…

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Microsoft signs up MTV and Sony BMG to provide content for MSN Video

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1115-SouthParkDoesWoW%282%29.jpgAt a press conference this morning in the heart of Microsoft’s glasshouse, the company announced an online video partnership with MTV Networks International and Sony BMG, because according to John Mangelaars, VP of Microsoft Online Services Group, “video is exploding”. Just cottoned on, eh Microsoft?

Adding to their MSN video service, which is free to users, clips from MTV programs including South Park, Pimp My Ride…

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MTV to put every South Park episode online for free

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south-park-on-mtv-free.jpgThe working day’s about to get quite a bit more bearable, thanks to glorious youth-pleaser MTV doing a MEGABUCKS deal to stick every episode of South Park up on the internet for us all to watch.

And the price to you, brave internet user? Nothing. They’re doing it for free, no doubt in some convoluted readership-expanding, demographic-driving…

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South Park's next gaming target – Guitar Hero

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News just in from the satirical hotbed of America – next week’s South Park is another gaming special, and this time the target is finger-pumping rock game Guitar Hero.

All we know of the plot is what the makers told the world on its official site last week – that Stan and Kyle’s special relationship gets into all sort of difficulties due to Stan’s ninja-like guitar skills.


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