Skype five-way video chat added in 5.0 beta

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The Skype 5.0 beta release was launched this week, bringing with it the ability to hold five-way video chat sessions amongst your group of contacts. Much like in an instant messaging conversation, you can now add contacts to chat sessions,…

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Steam for Mac gets a release date

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There's not long to wait now before Mac gamers get their hands on the Steam gaming platform. After missing its April launch date, the popular game library and download software will now be hitting Apple's machines on the 12th…

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Firefox pre-alpha build now available for Android 2.0 and over

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Mozilla's Firefox browser, under the codename "Fennec", has hit Android 2.0 phones and above in a "pre-alpha" build. The company has stressed that the browser is currently only suitable for testing purposes, but that it should work on the Milestone/Droid…

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Opera Mini 5 mobile browser gets Android beta release

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The Opera Mini 5 mobile browser has just been given a beta release for Android phones. Free, fast and efficient, other versions of the browser have already racked up over 50 million users worldwide. Opera Mini speeds up the browsing…

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