Could Twitter cause a recession? The Bank of England turn to social media monitoring.

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The Bank of England's chief economist has announced that the bank will be monitoring social networks, to better understand the state of the economy. According to Sky News, Andy Haldane has been tasked with using "unconventional sources" of data to make economic predications. The thinking is that by monitoring, say, how many people are searching…

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In the social media age, if you see someone casting the first stone, here’s something to think about before you join in.

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Whilst the internet has profoundly transformed all of our lives in many ways, one of the changes we're still getting to grips with is the phenomenon of viral growth - and how in mere minutes someone can go from obscurity to the Facebook walls of millions. This means that almost every day, some lucky or…

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Police investigated over social media breaches

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Hundreds of police officers in England and Wales have been accused of breaches social media guidelines that include making racist and threatening comments, posing images of colleagues in compromising positions and sending Facebook friend requests to victims of crime. The BBC reports that research by the Press Association found that of 828 cases from 2009…

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Twitter, yesterday. (Visual Metaphor)

Cyclists hound a poor woman for a tweet: Twitter users need to learn the value of a proportional response

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Since I took up cycling a couple of years ago, I've become something of a militant cyclist. Having to take to London's roads is not a pleasant experience for much of the time, because the city is so poorly equipped to deal with people on two wheels. It's insane that Transport for London hasn't done…

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William Shatner is not a fan of Facebook Mentions

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It's Facebook, Jim, but not quite as you like it. Canadian actor William Shatner — variously famous as eccentric lawyer Denny Crane on Boston Legal, beat cop TJ Hooker, womanising starship captain James T Kirk and a "singer" — is, unlike most 83-year-olds, quite a dab hand at social media. And he's not backward in…

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Israel take the battle in Gaza to social media: How diplomacy now takes place on Twitter

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Over the last few days there has been renewed violence in Israel and Gaza as both sides have exchanged fire, in a situation far too complex to understand - let alone explain. Whilst TechDigest obviously doesn't take sides in the conflict (our official position is probably best summed up as "less fighting, more iPhone 6…

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Facebook user arrested for posting burning poppy picture, leads to #poppycock Twitter protests

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A man has been arrested under the Malicious Communications Act and is awaiting questioning after posting a picture of a burning poppy onto Facebook this weekend, coinciding with the annual Remembrance Day events. Posted alongside "an offensive comment" according to…

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