Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

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It's taken far longer than American music lovers would have liked, but finally Spotify, the world's premier music streaming service, has launched stateside. Fans of the service in the UK, Sweden and across Europe have raved on about how…

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Video games blamed for rise in rickets

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Gaming is coming under fire once again. But before you brace yourself for the usual arguments concerning in-game violence and sexual content, be prepared for something of a Dickensian twist. For gaming is not being blamed here for a rise…

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Bill Gates joins Twitter

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The world's richest man and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has finally joined Twitter. With a nod to his programming roots, he kicked off proceedings with a first tweet of "hello world". There have been plenty of fake accounts set…

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Manchester United ban Twitter

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TWITTER HAS BEEN BANNED…well for some well known sportsmen at least. No this isn't the latest clampdown from communist China, it's the Premiership's very own Manchester United riling against social networking. The football club have taken control of Twitter accounts…

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HTC's 2010 plans: Android phones

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The leaked HTC 2010 plans have already thrown up the mouth-watering Bravo, but what other Android delights do the mobile phone makers have in store for the new year?

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HTC's 2010 plans: Win Mo phones

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HTC's leaked 2010 plans have revealed three new Windows Mobile based phones in the piepline.

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YouTube testing real-time chat

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Video-sharing site YouTube has been increasing the ‘social network’ aspects of the site gradually over the years, but it’s just taken a big step towards that by the announcement that it’s testing a social chat layer over videos.

Users will be able to talk to their friends while watching videos, and you’ll be able to see what videos they’re watching. You can also recommend videos in real-time. It’s still a little clunky, but TechCrunch has a full review on their website.

(via TechCrunch)

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Less is more – new socially-networked nano-blog Chirp gives you ten letters to express yourself

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New tech start-up Chirp is the hottest new, lime-green-coloured, nano-social-blogging tool on the web, offering users a chance to “Keep fellow Chirpers up to date with your every thought” – in ten characters or less.

So if you find that Twitter is simply too long-winded and you can’t be bothered doing a whole sentence-worth of typing because you can never think of as many interesting things to say as Stephen Fry, give Chirp a go.


It is, of course, a joke. And a very good one. The sort of joke most of us will go to the grave without having created…

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Tokoni – sharing stories with a friendly community

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A husband and wife team of former executives at Skype and eBay have banded together to create Tokoni – a site which lets you tell your story in the form of notes, photos and video. Tokoni has been in beta for a year, but launches today. It differs from a blog network because it’s more community-focused. Co-founder Alex Kazim explains:

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