Survive the snow with these cool gadgets

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If you live in the UK and look outside your window today, odds on the world around you is covered in snow. It may have been a good laugh when you were little, hiding stones in snowballs and peeing your…

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Apple iPhone App Store Weekly Round-Up Jan 13th

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Snowed in or snowed under with work? Fear not! The App Store round-up is sure to have something either to warm your cockles in the blistering cold or to aid your heavy workload. This week we've got a sneek peek…

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Avoid getting lost to snow blindness with the ViewRanger "off-road" sat nav

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If you're feeling a bit "Ray Mears" and are planning on braving the great outdoors despite the chilly weather, you might want to consider taking the ViewRanger "off-raod" sat nav with you. Running on any S60 Smartphone and now coming…

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Christmas Apps Part 2: Festive food, sexy Santas and…er…present tossers

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We did a post on festive apps earlier on in the month, but it seems you lot just cant get enough of them! So here are five more apps to get you into the Christmas spirit. BBC Good Food Festive…

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Five best snow gadgets

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Continuing the chilly theme around Tech Digest Towers today, you’re probably wondering “how on earth can I make the perfect snowball?”, or “how can I make a brilliant home-made snowball cannon?”. Well, fear not, We’ve got you covered.

For our top five snow-related gadgets, just click through to the main post.

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Top 5 awesomely informative sites to track the February blizzards online

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Four inches? Five? Twelve? I’m talking about the snow, you filthy individual. You might have noticed the white stuff accumulating outside at an alarming rate today – at the time of writing it’s still coming down in North London – and you’re probably starting to worry if it’s ever going to stop.

I can assure you, it will. As for when – well, it’ll probably be sunnier tomorrow, but then go back to sleety snow for the majority of the week. But you want more detail, right? Right. Well, here’s my top five places where you can track this week’s snowfall online in-depth. Click over the jump to begin.

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Snow photography – send us your snaps

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Tech Digest is officially working from home today, what with the beautiful snowy treat in the UK this morning, so I took the time out before 9.30 to have a snowball fight with my girlfriend in the park. We pelted a few school kids for good measure. Take that one youth of today!

Anyway, once we were done, we got the cameras out and managed to take a good bunch of rubbish gloomy shots. Why, because we were too busy revelling in our defeat of the local under 10s that we forgot the number one rule of snow photography…

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Petrol-powered Snowboard is snow joke

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Okay, in reality this bears as much resemblance to a regular snowboard as a petrol-powered, three seater lawnmower with cupholders does to a hand-pushed traditional lawnmower, but bright yellow paintwork aside, doesn’t it look awesome?

It’s got a 6.5 horsepower engine, and can carry up to 250lbs as fast as 18mph. That might not sound fast if you’re used to cars, but when you’re whizzing along millimetres from the snow, it feels a damn sight faster than is comfortable. You steer by – *gulp* – leaning to one side, and it’ll run for two hours on three quarters of a gallon of petrol. The cost? A slick US$2,000. At that price, I’ll stick to my skis.

Hammacher Schlemmer (via OhGizmo!)

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TD Tips: Winter Gadgets

Duncan Geere TD Tips 2 Comments


Gosh, did you get snow last night? We did. A veritable blizzard of the stuff. In London, too – a “heat island”. It got me thinking – we don’t get a lot of winter gadgets. Tonnes of summer ones, tonnes of Christmas ones, but no winter gadgets.

I sent the Tech Digest team hunting far and wide for the gadgets most useful when the nights draw in, but Dan got lost in the process, and has somehow ended up in the southern hemisphere, so I’m afraid there’s no gadget from him…

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Sno-Baller: huge tongs for making perfectly spherical snowballs

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Unless you’re in the highlands of Scotland, our British winters are rubbish enough that this low-tech gadget really won’t be much use. However, if you’re anywhere that enjoys deep, crisp, even snow, these Sno-Baller “tongs” could be just what you need.

It will produce perfectly spherical snowballs, great for lobbing at your mates, though it would be fantastic if you could also use them as a catapult.

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