Don’t worry about Samsung’s Smart TVs listening in… worry about all of our gadgets listening instead.

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Over the last few days everyone has been losing their minds over the revelation that Samsung's smart TV privacy policy lets the company retain and transmit your voice data when you use voice commands. For some reason, this has become a really big story, despite voice technology like this being nearly ubiquitous nowadays. When you…

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Almost 1bn TV sets will be online by 2020

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The world is becoming ever more connected, and it's not going to slow down any time soon. According to a new report from the company Digital TV Research, the number of TV sets connected to the internet will reach 965 million by 2020 - up from 103m at the end of 2010 and the 339m…

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REVIEW: Samsung UE32F6400 3D Smart TV

Gerald Lynch 3D TV, HDTV, Reviews, Tech Digest news, TVs 2 Comments

We've seen the flagship 55-inch F8000 3D TV whopper from Samsung, and now we venture into more affordable territory with the 32-inch F6400. With many of the same connected Smart Tv features of its big brother, can it impress in the same way? Read our full review to find out!

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TECH PENTATHLON: How to stream the London 2012 Olympics – websites, smart TVs, apps and set-top boxes

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Today sees the penultimate instalment in the Tech Digest Tech Pentathlon series. As we're gearing up for the Olympics, we've already highlighted five of the best Olympic apps, some of the best Olympic gadgets hitting stores and also how to…

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