Is a new Xbox 360 Slim design console on the way?

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Though the 2007 release of the Xbox 360 Elite souped up the games console's hard drive and gave it a lick of dark grey paint, the actual design of the machine hasn't drastically changed since it was first launched back…

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RUMOUR: Slim PS3 to ship this month?

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Taiwanese website UDN is reporting that Sony has signed deals with two manufacturers – Foxconn and Pentagon – with a view to a July release for the slim-line version of the PS3. That’s not July 2010, it’s July 2009 – as in this very month.

The report has been backed up by “a couple of credible reports” according to Engadget. However, UDN is also reporting that the slim will be the last of PS3 of this generation with a next-generation console based on Sony’s motion controller due in 2010.

This part of UDN’s report isn’t very likely though – it’s possible the rumour mill has been fuelled by some mistranslation. Sony demonstrated the motion controller at E3 on the PS3 and has made it clear the new controller is for the PS3.

If the slim rumours turn out to be true though and the rumours regarding possible PS3 price-cuts also come to fruition then the PS3 might finally become the popular console it is capable of being.

(via Engadget)

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Asus unleashes ultra-thin U and UX series of laptops

Duncan Geere Computers, Laptops / Notebooks 1 Comment


We’ve just been dropped word of some new laptops from Asus, the U and UX series. I normally strip out press release fluff, but there’s an amazing bit here that I’ll quote to you:

“Each of them a masterpiece so immensely desirable, the U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets, bringing delight to the users’ senses and allowing them to work or play in style.”

Hilarious. That’s not the only ridiculous section, it’s all insane. Go read it here. If you’re more into hard specs, though, then here’s the skinny. Both models have backlit keyboards, and the U series has a 15.6″ display, Core 2 Duo processor, 500GB hard drive, 512MB of GeForce G105M graphics, illuminated trackpad and Altec Lansing speakers.

The UX, on the other hand, we don’t have any info about beyond the fact that it has a slot-in optical drive and a combination of matte and gloss finishes. Let’s hope we get a bit more info soon, as well as a video of that illuminated trackpad on the U series. Pricing and availability info TBC.

Asus Press Release

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ASUS launches LS221H "world's slimmest" 22-inch monitor

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Here we go with the thinness wars again, with ASUS claiming that its new LS221H 22-inch monitor is the world’s slimmest, at just 45mm depth.

The monitor features leather, a glossy black chassis, and diamond-cut corners. I’m not sure I’d have put leather on a monitor, but if you enjoy the smell you’ll certainly notice it as it heats up!…

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