Band financed through social-network pals at land major label deal

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While illegal MP3 downloads may be giving the internet a bad name, here's a story proving it isn't all theft and piracy in the world of digital music. Scars on 45, a UK band funded by fans via the…

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Bebo and Slicethepie announce partnership

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Second-tier social network Bebo and innovative fan-funding mechanic Slicethepie have got together to offer an attractive proposition for both Bebo users and bands using the Slicethepie service.

Slicethepie works by crowd-sourcing the A&R process, something that I strongly advocated in my series of posts on innovating digital music. People can invest in bands, and once a band has enough to make an album, any investors get a share of the revenues from selling that album, as well as a credit .

The partnership means that Bebo users will be able to review and rate content on the service, and will be paid a small fee for doing so. Bands that get financed via the Bebo showcase will gain a promotional package that Bebo claims is worth £50k, that’ll include an album launch party, promotion on the Bebo homepage, and exposure to major label A&Rs.

The first “Scout Room” on Bebo will go live this month, so if you’re in a band, it’s definitely worth a look. Just make sure you’ve got a strong presence on Bebo too. What does Bebo get out of it? More bands on a service that’s struggling to compete with Myspace, let alone Facebook’s dominance of the sector.

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Quick recap for those of you not familiar with Slicethepie: it’s a site where you can invest in bands. Artists upload tracks, reviewers get paid to review them, and the highest-rated artists go through to a ‘showcase’ where anyone can ‘invest’ in the band.

When the investment reaches a certain level, the band go to a studio and make an album. In return for investing in an artist, you get free tracks, as well as a share of their album’s commercial success. It’s a simple concept, and a great alternative to the traditional ‘try and get signed’ approach for bands.

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Web Mission 08 – UK tech start-ups hit Silicon Valley

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Back in the ’60s if you were on pilgrimage to San Francisco chances are you were wearing flowers in your hair and pursuing a hippy dream. Today you are more likely looking for funding for your tech start-up. Which is a kitschy way of introducing the fact that for the next week or so I am going to be reporting/blogging from the undisputed tech capital of the world.

I am part of a trip called Web Mission 2008 in which twenty top UK start ups plus a few media hangers-on like myself and TechCrunch UK, are visiting the city to hopefully learn more about how to create a successful tech business…

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