Sky Player headed to Humax Freeview boxes

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Sky have announced a new deal this morning, bringing their on-demand Sky Player to Humax Freeview set-top boxes, expanding the number of Sky viewers by thousands. The deal comes hot on the heels of similar ones made with 3View and…

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Microsoft and BSkyB launch Sky Player for Xbox

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Microsoft and BSkyB have formally unveiled Sky Player for Xbox 360, Sky’s TV service for the Microsoft console.

The service launches later this year and will offer a range of linear TV channels, as well as a library of on-demand content. A number of subscription packages will be available, as will the opportunity to access programming on a pay-per-view basis.

Xbox owners who already have a Sky TV subscription will be able to access Sky Player’s on-demand services through their console, in addition to their PC or Mac.

The service will also allow users to IM each other and check news and access fixtures and any other on-demand information.

BSkyB wouldn’t say whether the deal with Microsoft was exclusive, although sources said that this is unlikely.

Similar deals could eventually be struck with Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii and Project Canvas the appallingly named catch-up TV service in development by the BBC, ITV and BT.

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Sky adds iPlayer listings to Sky Player, but Discovery doesn't want anything to do with the Internet

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Sky has just added listings from rival BBC’s iPlayer to its own content-catchup service, Sky Player. The new sections carry BBC branding, but just consist of links to play the content in BBC’s own iPlayer environment…

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