Sky+ software update takes its cues from Netflix

Today Sky is rolling out a software update to Sky+ customers – introducing a bunch of new features which seem to take inspiration from the likes of Netflix. Perhaps the biggest new feature is the introduction of a recommendation engine: Sky will now recommend TV shows to you based on your previous downloads and Sky+ recordings – just like how …

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James O'MalleySky+ software update takes its cues from Netflix

Sky’s Now TV comes to PS4

Good news for PS4 owners wanting more video on their box: Sky’s Now TV streaming service launches on the platform today. Whilst not a hugely surprising news, this is a nice addition to the PS4’s rather lacklustre selection of video providers. Now TV, which has been available on PS3, Xbox 360 and even as a separate Roku-style box for some …

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James O'MalleySky’s Now TV comes to PS4

When will the internet kill Sky?

For two decades now Sky have been one of the biggest forces in British broadcasting – not only do they control most of the largest satellite TV channels but they have another trump card: they own the platform too. Being…

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James O'MalleyWhen will the internet kill Sky?