Asking Siri about advice after a murder is not a good idea

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Pedro Bravo is currently on trial in Florida for allegedly kidnapping and strangling a friend in 2012. Whilst the outcome isn't yet decided (Bravo denies it, and the trial continues), Sky News is reporting on the story for a very different reason: After allegedly committing the crime, Bravo allegedly asked Siri to recommend the best…

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WATCH: Cortana outsmart Siri

Stuart O'Connor Apple, Microsoft, Mobile phones, Smartphones Leave a Comment

There is no love lost between Apple and Microsoft, and in a new TV ad for its Halo-inspired Cortana virtual assistant, Microsoft pokes a bit of fun at Apple's Siri. Bringing back memories of Apple's Mac vs PC campaigns, the advert presents a series of commands which Cortana is able to intelligently process, while Siri…

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Eddy'll Fix It: Apple's Eddy Cue the man to sort out iTunes, Siri and Apple Maps

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPad apps, iPhone, iPhone apps, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Though hardware sales have been as strong as ever for Apple this year, it's also been a year full of uncharacteristic software cock-ups too. By now, the Apple Maps debacle needs no introduction, while Siri and iTunes continue to disappoint….

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