SimCity 2.0 update brings fixes today, will knock game offline for a few hours

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

SimCity, the long-awaited and much-troubled PC city building simulation game, gets its first major update today after suffering a crippling launch. Dubbed "SimCity 2.0", the update will address bugs that will help the online cities process properly, halt the random…

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Free EA games to soothe SimCity woes revealed: SimCity 4 (!), Dead Space 3, and Battlefield 3 included

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EA have revealed the list of games they're offering up for free as a way to appease gamers affected by the botched SimCity launch. And, amazingly, that list includes the latest SimCity's offline precursor, SimCity 4! According to EA in…

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Top 12 great SimCity alternatives: Tropico 4, Theme Hospital and more!

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Round ups, Tech Digest news 8 Comments

Today, we'd intended on posting our review of the long-awaited SimCity, the 2013 revamp of one of the most revered god game series of all time. However, if you've been watching news on SimCity closely, you'll know that the game's…

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PREVIEW: SimCity – Reticulating splines for a new generation

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The power's out, the sewerage system is backed up and my city burns. Pretty much the same first hour experienced from every SimCity game then. But this year's SimCity reboot is anything but the same as what has gone before….

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Relive 2003 with the SimCity Box, containing five games

Katherine Hannaford Gaming Leave a Comment


If it weren’t for the assorted Sims games, my formative years would’ve been very lonely indeed. That’s why I’m so excited at the news that EA has announced the SimCity Box.

Containing five games from the SimCity range, there’s SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies Destinations, SimCity 4, SimCity 4 Rush House and The Sims Carnival SnapCity, which I must admit I’ve never actually heard of. A steal at $39.99, you’re saving $60 by buying them bundled together, and perhaps it’ll help tide you over until Sims 3 is released next…

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