Zara has left the building


Yes, you read it write. Dismay, distress and lots of other bad words that begin with “dis”, the fantastic Zara Rabinowiscz has left her post at our sister site Shiny Shiny and our Shiny Towers offices too. She is moving to pastures new along with her encyclopaedic knowledge of compact cameras, media players, e-book readers and e-cigarettes.

Zara was also queen of the Shiny Tech videos in her two years with us and we’ve become very accustomed to her reviews here on TD’s pages. So, for one last time, for you and for me, I give you Lady Zsa Zsa and her farewell.

If you still can’t get enough, then we also set up a little fan page for Zara over here. Be nice now.

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Daniel SungZara has left the building

Shiny Video Preview: Trekstor iBeat Cody

This is the Trekstor iBeat Cody, a portable media player with a 3.5″ screen. Lucy used to hate Trekstor, but this is making her change her mind, so it’s worth a look. It has a rather basic interface, but Lucy insists that’s a good thing. Watch the video and see if you agree.


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Duncan GeereShiny Video Preview: Trekstor iBeat Cody

Shiny Video Review: Susi breaks the brand new HTC Diamond 3G touch-phone

If, like me, you weren’t fortunate enough to be at the launch this morning or even break an HTC Diamond first hand, then I’d take a close look at what our Susi has to say and an even closer look at what she’s holding, right up until the moment it freezes. The reason is, it looks bloody good; like all the user friendliness of an iPhone and no filthy contract tied up with it.

If you’d like to mug Susi for her latest toy then drop me a line. I know where she lives!

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Daniel SungShiny Video Review: Susi breaks the brand new HTC Diamond 3G touch-phone