Almost half of Britons watch mostly time-shifted TV

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Technology has really changed how people watch television. About a fifth of all TV viewing is now time-shifted – either from the DVR or via video-on-demand, Virgin Media found in a study based on data from more than 2.3 million set-top boxes. And, according to the research, almost half (43 per cent) of people mostly…

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TECH PENTATHLON: How to stream the London 2012 Olympics – websites, smart TVs, apps and set-top boxes

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Today sees the penultimate instalment in the Tech Digest Tech Pentathlon series. As we're gearing up for the Olympics, we've already highlighted five of the best Olympic apps, some of the best Olympic gadgets hitting stores and also how to…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Set-top boxes from Sky, Apple, TVonics and more!

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What good is a brand new TV sitting wrapped underneath your Christmas tree this goodwill season if you've got nothing to watch on it? While plenty of TVs have built in digital tuners, only the most expensive have web connected…

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Two new Humax Freeview+ PVR set-top boxes out today

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It’s summer! Or so I have discovered upon leaving Scotland for the weekend! And that means it’s a great time to go outside and not gawp aimlessly at the gogglebox. That’s why you need a PVR – else, who knows, they might change the entire cast of ‘Stenders and you’d never know how it happened. Handily, Humax has just launched two new PVRs with built-in twin Freeview tuners.

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BT to update its Vision boxes for HD… by 2009

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BT has announced that Pace Group will build its next generation of BT Vision digiboxes featuring a more powerful processor, better energy efficiency, and hard drive capacity able to store around 80 hours of standard definition video content.

It will continue to offer IPTV functionality, for delivering Video on Demand and interactive functions, and could also offer high definition video, hence the more powerful processor. The new boxes likely won’t be available until some time next year…

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