Japanese technology industry may take months to recover from quake damage

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The disaster in Japan is wreaking havoc with industrial manufacturing and supply, with reports from technology companies suggesting it will take months to get back on track. Japan manufactures around 15% of the technology that goes into our gadgets,…

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After Windows victory, chip king ARM Holdings proves its worth with stellar results and ten-year share high

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Just as we were catching our breaths from ARM Holdings' CES fair announcement of a tie-up with Microsoft, the Cambridge semiconductor group smashed all expectations with a 73% increase in pre-tax profits, to £167.4 million, at its full-year results….

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Freescale Semiconductor planning 1GHz, low-power netbook chip

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At CES this week, chip makers Freescale Semiconductor will be launching a ARM chip architecture-based i.MX51 processor, that Freescale reckon could bring about $199 (£140ish) 1GHz netbooks. It’ll be a competitor to Intel’s Atom chip, which powers many of the netbooks in the market today.

However, Freescale don’t see themselves as competing with Intel, because their product is targeted at the lower end of the market, with machines running Linux rather than Windows XP. You’ll start to see machines with these chips in entering production towards the middle of the year, and showing up to buy in time for Christmas 2009.

Freescale Semiconductor (via Cnet)

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