Apple tightens up its iCloud security

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Apple has expanded its use of two-factor verification checks to protect data stored online by its customers, after a massive breach last month that saw thousands of nude celebrity photos stolen from iCloud. The BBC says the move follows suggestions that third-party software had been used to steal the photos. It says that the security…

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5 million Gmail passwords hacked: should you be worried?

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The hackers are having a busy month, No sooner has the dust settled on the mass theft of nude celebrity photos, the news comes that there has been a major Gmail breach. According to the IBTimes, around five million Google account credentials have been leaked online by hackers, with around 60 per cent of the…

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Russian hackers steal more than 1 billion usernames and passwords

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A Russian cyber gang has stolen more than 1.6 billion internet username and password combinations, according to US security firm Hold Security – a company that specialises in finding breaches. Hold Security said that the gang – which it dubbed “CyberVor”, after the Russian word for thief, vor – had gathered confidential data from more than 500 million…

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Sony "my Xperia" service rolls out: Much-needed "Find my iPhone" copycat for Xperia Androids

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Sony has begun rolling out its "my Xperia" mobile security service around the globe. Exclusive to the company's Xperia range of Android phones, it offers similar functionality to Apple's "Find my iPhone" feature, letting users track, lock and wipe an…

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Facebook hit by "sophisticated" hacking attack

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Social networking giant Facebook have been hit by what it describes as a "sophisticated" hacking attack through a previously unknown loophole in its systems. Though the company insists that none of the personal data belonging to its 1 billion+ users…

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