UPDATE: Secret police blogger unmasked by courts

Paul Lamkin Internet 1 Comment

The police officer behind the award-winning Night Jack blog has been revealed. The disclosure comes as a result of detective constable Richard Horton losing a legal case in which he sought an injunction against The Times to keep his anonymity.

Mr Justice Eady refused the injunction, ruling that it was in the public interest to reveal DC Horton’s identity.

The Night Jack blog had received wide praise for its honest and frank representations of police life and was awarded the Orwell special prize for blogs earlier this year.

Unfortunately the blog has now been deleted at Wordpress, although you can still read some extracts via The Guardian.

(via The FT)

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Minox DigitalSpyCam – neither surreptitious, nor sneaky

Duncan Geere Cameras Leave a Comment


Pictured to the right is the Minox DigitalSpyCam. It’s small, but that’s pretty much the only thing going in its favour. It’s just 3.2 megapixel, meaning that your phone can probably take better photos. It comes with a flash, but that’s even bigger than the camera, so although it’s still portable, it’s not exactly handy…

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LG's Black Label series mobile announced – the Secret KF750

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones Leave a Comment


After months of secrecy, we finally have confirmation about the new LG Black Label series handset, and whaddya know, it’s called ‘Secret’, or the KF750 to you and I.

Believe it or not, this handset wasn’t exactly secret, as we first heard of the KF750 back in March, along with the specs! Still, it’s bound to follow the success of other Black Label series phones, the Chocolate and Shine, with a carbon fibre profile of just 11.8mm, a camera with 5.0-megapixel sensor, and can take video at 120fps, with DivX certified recording. In addition to this, you can edit photos…

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1.3megapixel Spy Camera Glasses – currently not illegal

Gary Cutlack Apparel, Cameras, Weirdness 1 Comment


If you want some of these, you’d better buy them now before they get made illegal. Because they will be made illegal soon.

Available for a relatively cheap $99 from here, they’re ideal for causing loads of trouble this summer. The specs come with a little remote control, so all you have to do to take a picture of the innocent wildlife scene you’re currently enjoying is…

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