Google says its anti-piracy algorithm will now visibly affect file-sharing sites’ rankings

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Google is tweaking its search engine to make sure that the most "notorious" piracy sites are less likely to appear when people search for music, films and other copyrighted content. The changes were revealed in a blogpost by Katherine Oyama, the company's senior copyright policy counsel, and they include new ad formats that are designed…

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Bing follows Google to give Europeans ‘right to be forgotten’ online

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When you think of search, the word Google instantly springs to mind – the Microsoft search engine Bing has been largely forgotten by web users. Now it seems that Bing is trying to make its presence felt by joining Google in giving Europeans the "right to be forgotten". Microsoft has started taking requests from users who…

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Zuckerberg: No to a Facebook phone, YES to a Facebook search engine

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had laid to rest rumours that his social network will be developing their own-branded smartphone, stating that "the phone just doesn't make any sense." Speaking at a TechCrunch Disrupt "fireside chat", Zuckerberg instead stressed that his…

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