Vodafone to stock the Google Nexus One from April 30th

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Vodafone have today announced that they will be carrying Google's flagship Nexus One handset from April 30th. Pre-order the handset on a £35 per month/ 24 month contract and you'll not only be the first Vodafone customers to get…

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Pioneer's DEH-P4100SD – a car stereo with an SD card slot to aid choice and/or piracy

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Pioneer’s just revealed its latest in-car entertainment solution for the businessman trapped in a snow drift with no mobile signal or radio reception – the DEH-P4100SD.

The big selling point of the P4100 is its SD Card slot, allowing you to do away with the middle man (DJ, CD writer, iPod, cable) and load up your MP3 collection to a cheapo SD Card and whack it straight into your car via the slot hidden behind the removable faceplate.

Pioneer’s “rotary commander” dial-slash-joystick lets you navigate through tunes while still managing to pay some attention to the road, while there’s also full support for iPod playlists if you’re the sort of person who likes to spend your spare time painstakingly sorting all your music into very tightly-organised playlists…

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JVC's 2009 Everio camcorder range

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JVC’s just sent us a bunch of details about their 2009 lineup of camcorders, and because we’re nice, I fancied sharing them with you. There’s the HD range, the G-series and the S-series. The HD range, as you might imagine from the name, are high-definition, the S-series model has dual SD card slots, and the G series is a mixed bag.

Let’s start with the S-series, because the word “start” begins with S. There’s only one new model here, the GZ-MS120. As previously mentioned, it’s got dual SD card slots and you can record continuously, so that if you run out of space on one it’ll automatically swap to the other. In highest quality mode, you’ll get 3.7 hours of recording from a pair of 8GB SD cards. In lowest quality, you’ll get about 20 hours.

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CES 2009: Upload video instantly from your camera to YouTube with new Eye-fi cards

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Although I’ve never had the pleasure of using one myself, I’m reliably assured that Eye-fi’s direct-upload cards are ace. That’s why I’m pleased to see a new range come out that will not only upload direct from your camera to your PC, but also to YouTube. Previous versions only worked with photographs.

The potential for these cards is wonderful, but also dangerous. Someone photographing in a restricted area could be running a Wi-Fi network nearby and despite having his or her camera confiscated, keep access to the pictures stored within. That’s good for citizen journalists, but very bad for security. I suspect it’ll only take one high-profile, governmental incident before these are banned.

Eye-Fi (via Obsessable)

For more CES coverage, check out this post.

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SlotMusic – albums on SD cards from SanDisk

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Here’s the latest novelty music format to come from a technology company desperate to get a piece of Apple pie. Albums on MicroSD cards, from SanDisk. SanDisk, who have second place in the MP3 player market with 11% market share, reckon that the way to get consumers to re-engage with buying music is to provide it to them in a mostly useless format…

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Man gets Windows Vista running on his Asus Eee PC

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alt="vista-on-eee-pc.jpg" src="http://www.techdigest.tv/vista-on-eee-pc.jpg" width="200" height="141" />See? It can be done!

The secret is, apparently, whacking a huge SD card into the Eee PC’s expansion slot and letting Vista use that for its special needs rather than the rather limited file space available on the Eee PC’s solid-state drive.

He’s even..

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