Q&A: Edward Saatchi on NationalField, Obama and the democratisation of the workplace

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Edward Saatchi, son of millionaire advertising mogul Maurice Saatchi, is being billed as the UK's answer to Mark Zuckerberg. His private, enterprise focussed social network NationalField is credited as a key tool in President Obama's successful election campaign, and,…

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Women feel consumer electronics adverts overlook them

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Us women are a fickle bunch, always harping on about womens’ rights in advertising, whenever we see a semi-nekkid babe advertising a car, yet then getting all hot under the collar when the Diet Coke man rears his abs head on TV. However, I think a recent survey in the UK has hit the nail on the head – we’re being overlooked in advertising by technology retailers.

One in three female internet users of the 750 surveyed by advertising mecca Saatchi & Saatchi feels that advertisements by tech companies overlook them, with most commenting that they don’t feel as though…

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