Will Android 6.0 support multiple windows?

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The next major version of Android could support multiple windows - according to some informed speculation and intriguing screenshots. According to Tracy and Matt, digging through the latest Android 5.1 sourcecode suggests that Google may be planning to build in support for windows apps - in other words, enabling you to run two apps side…

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The Skep-Tech: Why Apple WON’T make iPads that run Mac OS, and why it would be INSANE to do so

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I've been holding off talking about this, because it sounds insane - but the din in the tech scene won't go away because it is largely a massive echo-chamber. Everyone is reporting 'rumours' that Apple is planning an iPad (possibly a 12" iPad) that runs Mac OS. Now, perhaps I'll look back on this post…

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iPhone 5S to have enhanced camera flash among other incremental improvements?

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We've become fairly accustomed to Apple's "S" branded iPhone models being simply incremental improvements over their immediate predecessors rather than complete overhauls, and the rumoured forthcoming iPhone 5S looks set to be no different. The latest small improvement that has…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to use premium metal build, ditching plastic after HTC One positive response?

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Samsung's top-end smartphones hit all the right…ahem…notes when it comes to internal hardware and software features. But ask any tech critic worth their salt what's holding back the Galaxy line and they'll bring up Samsung's choice to consistently use plastics…

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