Apple to spark e-book pricing war with the Tablet?

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With the Apple Tablet's reveal all but inevitable, the Wall Street Journal are now reporting that Apple are trying to nab a number of publishing houses for a new e-book pricing scheme. Putting the Tablet in direct competition with Amazon's…

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McGraw-Hill boss lets slip Apple Tablet confirmation live on TV

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Mr McGraw, you've really went and put your foot in it! With only hours left until the massively anticipated Apple announcement, Terry McGraw, CEO of publishing house McGraw-Hill has all but confirmed that Apple's secret project will be the Tablet….

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Metal Gear movie "probably wont happen"

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It seems like a match made in cinema/gaming heaven, but those waiting for a Metal Gear movie better stop holding their breath. According to Hollywood producer Michael De Luca, the project is in no-mans land without any super high-tech…

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RUMOUR: Sony Ericsson Android handset leaked?

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It seems like only minutes ago that we were reporting on Nokia’s possible Android-based smartphone. Oh, it was only minutes ago. Nevermind, you can never have too many Android smartphone rumours on a Monday morning – that’s what I always say.

The latest company to eye-up Android, give it a sly wink and cosy-up to it is Sony Ericsson. And a Danish website has the proof – or so they claim.

They’ve released a potentially leaked picture showing an Xperia-branded handset that supposedly will be running the Android OS. Codenamed Rachael, the smartphone is said to be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has HSPA. There is also an 8.1-megapixel camera, like the Sony Ericsson W995. No sign of a slide-out keyboard though.

No details of a release date or prices yet but, as ever, when we know we’ll tell you. We promise.

(via Engadget & Mobil)

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