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iPad this and 3DTV that! Who said Christmas had to be all about high-tech gadgetry? Well, us probably! But that doesn't mean we don't have a soft spot for simpler times. So why not jump in the back of Tech…

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SHINY PREVIEW: Rubik's Touch Cube

Daniel Sung Toys 2 Comments

Rubiks puzzles. I hate them. Never could solve one. Never had the patience to. However, I do appreciate the genius of their design, well, I did. Until I met the Rubik’s Touch Cube.

The trouble is that it’s exactly the same mental proposition as the original Rubik’s Cube only with a completely rubbish interface in the way. From my, admittedly limited, time with the one in the vid, I found the touch effect pretty terrible and, given that they’re charging £139.99 for each one when they’re launched, I’d chalk it up as “one for the enthusiast”.

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Tilted Twister – Lego robot solves Rubik's Cube in six minutes

Duncan Geere Robots, Toys 2 Comments

File this one under ‘awesome’. It’s a Lego Mindstorms robot which can solve a Rubik’s Cube on its own in just six minutes, with an average of 60 faceturns. It uses a colour sensor to work out what’s where, then takes a moment to work out a plan, then executes it with blinding efficiency. Check it out at double speed in the video above.

Tilted Twister (via @Rodreegez)

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Commodore PCs get pretty, sorry, HARDCORE paint jobs with C-Kin Designs, like this Rubik’s Cube one

Katherine Hannaford Computers Leave a Comment

commodore-PC-rubiks.jpgAs all good things in history, the Rubik’s Cube has seen a recent revival in the trend lists, and Commodore is certainly channelling the ’70s throwback through their latest gaming PC.

It may appear a bit stupid, hulking away on your home desk like a giant Rubik’s Cube-themed Autobot, but don’t let your friends rip into you too much, as we all know Commodore PCs are high-powered monsters…

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Rubik's Cube who? The Fentix Cube is the 21st century fun-cube

Katherine Hannaford Toys Leave a Comment

And you thought the new Rubik’s Revolution Cube was the height of geek chic!

Designer Andrew Fentem has created the Fentix Cube, which is similar to the ‘80s playtoy we all have languishing in that draw containing rubber bands and marker pens missing their lids. Each side contains…

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Computer proves Rubik's Cube solvable in 26 moves or less — that's 26 years too late for me

Andy Merrett Computers, Toys 1 Comment

rubiks_cube.gifA computer has calculated that any configuration of the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube can be solved in a maximum of 26 moves.

This astounding news comes just weeks after scientists programmed a computer played the perfect game of draughts. Haven’t these computers got anything better to be doing with their CPUs?

The Rubik’s Cube has 43 quintillion (43,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible combinations, so the scientists had to simplify the problem by figuring out which arrangements of the Cube are equivalent, identifying special arrangements of the Cube, and not analysing combinations already solvable in under 26 moves.

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