Diego-San: The world's most frightening robot child?

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I've become accustomed over the years to pictures of menacing looking robots hitting my inbox. I brace myself, hit the link, and more often than not end up laughing at their hideous Elephant Man-like proportions. But not with Diego-San. He's…

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Creepy robotic head copies your facial expressions

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This is a damn creepy robotic head, put together by researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. He’s called “Jules”, and can watch your facial expressions and copy them. In the video above, he’s copying the expressions of the scientist behind the camera, while you hear the scientists’ voice.

Dunno about you, but this one, for me, falls firmly into the uncanny valley. Especially if it was copying my facial movements exactly. It’s a bit like that friend everyone has who doesn’t quite ‘get’ social interaction and always behaves a little bit odd. Robotics is great, but we’re still some way off realistic human expressions, it seems.

(via the Daily Mail)

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RoboCop could be a reality on Britain's streets before the 22nd century

Andy Merrett Robots 3 Comments


The top bod studying artificial intelligence and robotics believes that we could have robot security guards, autonomous police cars, and humanoid traffic wardens patrolling Britain’s streets within the next 75 years.

Professor Noel Sharkey of the University of Sheffield has been studying the evolution of robots and how they’ll be increasingly used in modern society.

Robots will have access to integrated databases of information on Brits’ bank accounts, tax, vehicles, shopping history, criminal records, and even what they’re doing. This would then allow them to identify who people are (accurately, hopefully)…

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Toyota's Winglet Personal Transporter: sounds "space travel" but it's not

Andy Merrett Transport 2 Comments


Toyota has developed its own incarnation of the oft-mocked Segway. The Winglet Personal Transporter is a vertical mechanised scooter, though at present it has a paltry top speed of 3.7 miles per hour — around a quarter that of a Segway — so it’s probably quicker to walk. You’ll look less silly that way, too…

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