VIDEO: The SketRobo robot is a better artist than you

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Call yourself an artist? Well, you're about to be replaced by a newer, robot model. This is SketRobo, the "sketch master" robot on show at IFA 2012 from Tosy Robotics. Aimed as an interactive "art teacher" toy for kids, it…

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ONLY IN JAPAN: Sense-Roid, the hug-simulating mannequin robot

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We're not sure what's more creepy here; the concept of a hug-simulating robot mannequin or researcher Nobuhiro Takahashi, who demonstrates the unit a little too enthusiatically in the video above. Called the Sense-roid, a user hugs the mannequin while…

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iDo: Kate and Wills' Geek Fantasy Tech Royal Wedding

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I have no interest whatsoever in the Royal Wedding. Fair play to the young regal lovers for tying the knot and bagging us all an extra couple of Bank Holiday days off, but the near-certain pomp and excess of Prince…

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Segway boss shocker and 9 other bizarre, gruesome and tragic tech related deaths

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All sci-fi fans will know that whilst technological advancement makes our mundane little lives easier and more rewarding everyday, take your mind off its potential dangers for just a few seconds and it can turn around and bite you…

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Top Ten Geeky Valentine Presents: For Him

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It's that time of year again, where we all rush off to Clinton's for a naff card, a syrupy teddy and a box of Quality Streets for our loved ones. Yep, Valentine's Day rears its sickly head once again,…

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Diego-San: The world's most frightening robot child?

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I've become accustomed over the years to pictures of menacing looking robots hitting my inbox. I brace myself, hit the link, and more often than not end up laughing at their hideous Elephant Man-like proportions. But not with Diego-San. He's…

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