Taito launches Space Invaders 30th anniversary luggage collection

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Amazingly, it’s It’s 30 years since the the world’s teens gave up on pinball and slots, replacing it with that arcade classic Space Invaders. And manufacturer Taito isn’t going to let that memorable anniversary pass it by – producing a Space Invaders 30th anniversary luggage collection.

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Mini MOB retro mobile for those who miss the pioneering early days of mobile telecommunication

Gary Cutlack Mobile phones 1 Comment

mini-MOB-mobile.jpgMobile phones are now officially old enough for ironic retro models to start appearing.

Like this thing – the Mini Mob. Packing your usual basic phone features into a businessman’s phone from 1988, the Mini MOB also plays MP3s and has a camera, plus there’s a MiniSD slot on there for upping your file-carrying potential…

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Hulger channels the 1920s with their Sophia VoIP handsets

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The Hulger phones we’ve featured in the past have all been decidedly retro, but this Sophia model? Gorgeous, and so much more classic than their previous styles.

Unfortunately the ’20s-era phone is being sold in a limited edition number of ten, and cost a whopping $215 each. But if you can hunt one down (try eBay if they’re all sold out), you’ll experience full Bluetooth…

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