Energy-efficient lightbulbs causing TV channel change chaos … sort of

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Got a TV that's been acting a little erratically recently? Try checking any nearby energy-efficient lightbulbs, as some are reporting that they are causing their TVs to change channel and switch themselves off seemingly at random. Take the case of…

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Google Android TV on the way from Google, Intel and Sony

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Google are looking to enter the market of televisions, with a new internet enabled TV jointly developed by themselves, Sony and Intel. While many households have yet to buy into internet connected TVs, Google believe there are big bucks to…

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US Army creates cyborg beetles to fight future wars

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The University of California is undertaking research, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, that will allow the creation of remote-controlled beetles. The beetles remain alive, but unable to control their bodies as the chips take control of their wing muscles via their optic nerve.

I don’t know what it is about this story that terrifies me most. It could be the fact that beetles are so easy to mind-control that you can just stick a chip on them and they’ll do your bidding. It could be that it would be incredibly cheap and easy to build a vast cloud of evil cyborg beetles and send them at your foes.

I might even be that there’s these poor beetles in California, alive, and unable to do anything but passively observe the remainder of their pitiful existence as their muscles spasm upon commands from military generals. I think it’s a combination of all three, so how about we end this post right about now, before I start shivering helplessly.

Remote Controlled Beetles (via Hackaday)

More beetle news: Forest fire fighting beetle-like robots in development | Scientists invent human gills after studying beetles

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GIANT GADGETS: Remote Control

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If I’m honest there’s very little to say about this. It’s a massive remote control. It looks funny. That’s about it. Oh, how massive? 8.26″ wide x 11.69″ tall x 1.35″ thick. Each button is over an inch wide. For comparison, it’s about the same size as a stack of A4 office paper.

Want it to go with your massive telly, massive sofa and massive can of beer? It’ll cost you $28.90 (£20 or so).

Dealextreme (via Technabob)

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Automate your home firework display with Launch Kontrol

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Fancy automating your upcoming fireworks display, and reduce the risk of blowing your face off because you just had to go back to see why that last rocket didn’t go off? If so, the Launch Kontrol unit could be for you.

Instead of faffing about with matches to light a firework’s fuse, you just attach an E-clip that can be activated by remote control from up to 25 metres away. This E-clip is heated for a fraction of a second, lighting the fuse safely…

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