Twenty most useless gadgets revealed in online survey

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Brits by a lot of crap gadgets, it seems, if the results of a recent survey by the independent review site Reevoo is anything to go by.

The worst product of all time is the electric nail file — something I’ve never had cause to use — which is supposed to offer professional results but seemingly doesn’t.

Laser-guided scissors are rubbish because the laser is attached to the scissors (I suppose it would be) so is no good for those with shaky hands.

When is a candle not a candle? When it’s a pathetic electric candle, apparently, which came in at third place. Honestly, who doesn’t love real candles and the genuine risk of burning your house down?…

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Christmas Wii shortage doesn't stop it getting a customers' choice award

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wii-2007.jpgAs if it weren’t enough that we’ve already declared it the 2007 winner, and despite stock shortages yet again, Nintendo’s Wii has scooped a Customers’ Choice award from the independent review publishers Reevoo.

The Wii achieved an overall score of 8.78 out of ten, compared with 8.25 for the PlayStation 3 and 7.65 for the Xbox 360, based upon reviews from genuine purchasers.

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