Blue Microphones unveil the Snowball USB mic

Gerald Lynch Digital Music, Home audio, Musical Instruments, Peripherals, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Blue Microphones have today announced the release of their Snowball USB mic. Ideal for podcasts, Skype conversations or home recording, the microphone costs £89.95, available from Solutions-Inc. Thanks to a dual capsule design and three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10db…

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Ion Twin Video Camcorder features two-way/twin lens recording

Gerald Lynch Camcorders, Cameras, Gadgets, Stupid Gadgets, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

Here's a novel new approach to camcorders. The Ion Twin Video features two cameras which record simultaneously in two back-to-back directions, producing a picture-in-picture recording. It looks quite a lot like the Flip, hooking up to a PC via USB,…

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Sony Ericsson Kurara gets early confirmation, is now called Vivaz

Gerald Lynch Mobile phones, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Sony Ericsson's rumoured Kurara has broke cover, and it's now going under the name Vivaz. A prematurely released statement has confirmed that the handset will be hitting "selected markets" in the first quarter of the year. If you like…

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Six steps to recording the perfect podcast

Andy Merrett Internet, Web 2.0 7 Comments

Ever wanted to hear your dulcet tones on the Internet but didn’t know where to start? Read our handy guide to recording, editing and hosting your podcast and you’ll be there in no time.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be popular, but at least you won’t stay silent.

1. Get the right hardware


It’s fairly obvious that if you want to record yourself speaking you’ll need some way of getting audio on to your computer.

There are plenty of ways of doing this, but you’ll want to get the best quality piece of kit you can afford if you want to sound good and minimise the amount of tidying up you’ll have to do later.

Podcast Pick:

My absolute favourite mic for podcasting (and indeed many other uses) is the Blue Microphones Snowball USB mic. At around £85 it’s not the cheapest option but it’s used by professional broadcasters and podcasters alike. Simply plug it in to a spare USB port and you’ve got a quality audio recording device for vocals, instruments and ambient sounds…

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Samsung announces 64GB SSD H-Series HD camcorder, and some others too

Duncan Geere Camcorders, CES 2009, Gadget Shows Leave a Comment


Not to be outdone by Canon, Samsung has also released info about a range of new camcorders that it’ll be bringing to market later in the year. They all come under the banner of H-Series, which seems to mean nothing except that their meaningless product numbers all begin with H.

In full, there’s the HMX-H106, HMX-H105, HMX-H104, and HMX-H100. They’ve got HD sensors, and lenses from Schneider Kreuznach that have a 10X zoom and “Optical Image Stabilisation”. One of the models in particular – the top-of-the-line HMX-H106 – comes with a 64GB SSD, which I believe is the first camcorder with a drive that big.

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Digital Summer Special: Belkin Podcast Studio / GoStudio

Andy Merrett Digital Summer 2008, Home audio, iPod Leave a Comment


I’m kicking off the Digital Summer Special with a product that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on.

The Podcast Studio (also referred to as the GoStudio) is Belkin’s hardware solution aimed at anyone wanting to capture live audio directly to their iPhone, much as their TuneStage does…

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