Blockbuster joins HMV, Jessops with administration woes – trade-in gift cards honoured

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Blockbuster is the latest high-street chain to succumb to the ongoing financial recession, announcing that the video and game rental store is to enter administration. The store's fortunes had been on the decline for many years, struggling to make ends…

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Gaming sales fall 31%

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The recession has finally reached the stench filled bedrooms of ‘the gamer’, as gaming sales have plummeted to a nine-year-low.

It initially seemed that gaming was part of the select band of recession proof industries, as people holed away in their bedrooms playing Call Of Duty 4 as opposed to squandering money on such frivilous things as “a social life”.

But gaming sales plummeted 31% this year, down to $1.1 billion. Yes – down to.

Console sales fell the most, at 38%, but this would make sence as their are, after all, only a finite number of viable gamers and this generation of consoles has been about for a while now.

Game sales also fell while the Xbox 360 actually managed to increase its sales in July.

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