Toshiba Folio 100 tablet on its last legs already??

Gerald Lynch Tablet, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

It's been barely ten days since Toshiba launched their Folio 100 tablet in the UK, but already the new slate device's vital signs are beginning to flatline. Launched on November 4th in PC World stores up and down the land,…

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Sony in yet another burning battery mess – 100,000 laptop batteries recalled in latest safety concern

Gary Cutlack Computers, Energy systems, Laptops / Notebooks 132 Comments


Poor old Sony is infuriating laptop makers the world over once again, today issuing a recall of over 100,000 batteries it has supplied to numerous portable computer makers.

The recall involves batteries manufactured by Sony in 2004 and 2005, which were supplied to the likes of HP, Toshiba, Acer, Dell and Lenovo. Sony says there have been around 40 overheating incidents involving the batteries, and, like poor workmen the world over, it has blamed the quality of raw materials and factory errors for the problems, rather than just admitting it’s rubbish at making batteries

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Another fine mess for PlayStation3 – LittleBigPlanet recalled and delayed over offensive lyrics

Gary Cutlack Gaming 6 Comments


The latest hilarious mishap in the unfortunate life of PS3 involves LittleBigPlanet, the cutesy platform game that’s the darling of the media right now due to its user-generated content level designing promise.

A user on the PlayStation forums politely notified Sony that a piece of music in the game quotes two lines of the Qur’an, resulting in a horrified Sony issuing a full recall immediately…

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The latest burning tech: Sony recalls dodgy Vaio laptops

Andy Merrett Computers, Laptops / Notebooks Leave a Comment


Cast your mind back to the number of notebook batteries recalled last year due to the risk of them exploding and taking out delicate bits of anatomy on the way.

One seriously affected company was Sony, and it seems the company’s woes aren’t over yet. It’s just recalled 73,000 Vaio TZ-Series laptops sold in the US because of the potential risk of a short-circuit of wires near the hinge that could lead to users being burnt.

The telltale sign of a problem is if there’s a loose screw in the hinge. Loose, possibly, because it’s been touching up electric cables…

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